Epic Vacation Clip I made with Shotcut

This rabbit hole turned into a little crazy one sync’ing so much to the sound and many other adjustments I had to make but it was a great learning experience and so much fun to watch. The sound track is awesome with some headphones or speakers with some bass.



Wow, you’re talented! You made a holiday video look like the intro of a Thriller! Amazing editing skills buddy! :+1:t3:

Thanks! No real training here and just winging it. Took a bit of time but it was all worth it. One of my favorites is the empty airport slow motion. Then the look on his face as he gets a Mt Dew in the AM. He was just staring at it in aww then the smirk while drinking it just sealed the deal.

He’s a nut that loves adventure…

That was pretty good. Clever way to add extra interest to a vacation video. I bet the family loves it.

Loved it! Your title is wrong though, because I watched it!! LOL!! :rofl: Seriously, this was enjoyable to watch - someone was having fun! Good work!

Very cool!


Can I go on your next family vacation? :slight_smile:

HA! It’s a kind of a joke based on my normal type of videos. I usually have some outros of various things we do in the analog world and this one spawned its own video, kind of like the ziplining one I did.

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