Encoded vids in 30 fps instead of 60, after update

First of all, English is not my native tongue. I will therefore try to translate and describe as good as I can and hope to understand your answers as well.
If anyone’s fluent in German, I’d be happy to post this in my native language.

So I’ve been using Shotcut for quite some time (over a year) and at least I halfway know what I’m doing while editing and exporting my videos. I’ve done this over a hundred times already.

There’s been a fotware update recently and I suspect that something did change in the background, but I can’t figure out what.
Each time I’ll encode and export my videos, they are shown in 30 fps, whereas the media info tells me, it was rendered at 60. But animation, movement and such is stuttery and clearly half the frames. This is 30 fps without any doubt.

  • all the source material was recorded with OBS or AMD ReLive @ 60 fps. If I watch these vids separately, they’re absolutely fine.
  • when editing, everything is smooth as well. no stutters, 60 fps.
  • I’m using libx264 to encode.
  • after encoding and exporting, it’s clearly cropped to half the framerate.

I’ve tried different settings for export, like H.264 and .MP4, without any difference. I’ve set GOP to 15 or 30, no difference. B-Frames by 0, 2 or 3 - no difference.

I have done everything exactly the same way as I did in all the months before. Whether it’s importing my videos, editing them, encoding or exporting. All the steps are exactly the same. But all of a sudden, the result is entirely different.
Can anyone pls tell me what’s happening or what I’m doing wrong?

By the way: the shotcut update is the only thing that’s changed. The latest Windows update came after that. No hardware change, no other software installed, no driver changes, nothing.

edit: I think I have found it. Settings -> Videomode -> 1080p @ 60 fps. That’s something I’ve never had to use before. So wow. I feel like someone’s f*cking with me.

There’s an export issue affecting 19.08.16.
See these threads.

Hallo und willkommen @Bumi_Baumgartner!

Ich habe eine deutsche Tutorialserie angefangen.
In meiner ersten Folge erkläre die grundsätzlichen Funktionen. Vielleicht stößt Du darin noch auf weitere Features, die für Dich nützlich sind (Update-unabhängig).

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