Empty video stream with Nvidia hardware encoding

I have a Nvidia GTX1060 GPU running latest Debian (linux) and latest Shotcut.
If i click on detect hardware the both nvenc codecs are selected. I can even export the video and it’s twice as fast. But there is no video stream in the created mp4 file.

I found no answer in the related posts here at the forum.
Any idea what might be the reason?

Btw.: Shotcut is the coolest and most perfect video editor I’ve ever worked with. Thank you for this professional solution :clap:


Could you list specifically which ones? Only one can be used for actual export.

Did you make any custom modifications to the export settings? If not, which preset did you use?

You need to right click the problematic export job and view the job log to see why.

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Thank you very much!

[h264_nvenc @ 0x7f5608001e80] Cannot load libnvidia-encode.so.1
[h264_nvenc @ 0x7f5608001e80] The minimum required Nvidia driver for nvenc is 390.25 or newer
[h264_nvenc @ 0x7f5608001e80] Nvenc unloaded

I am using debian with the 460.84 Driver. But maybe the library is missing.

It’s so easy. I had to install the libnvidia-encode package and it worked.
Unfortunately the GTX 1060 encoding is not really faster then the Ryzen CPU.

Thank you again… shotcut rocks :100:

When I replaced my old laptop a few months ago, I decided to take advantage of a very good deal on an HP “gaming” laptop specifically for the included GTX 1650 GPU. I am running the latest version of Ubuntu (currently 21.04) and the latest nvidia driver (I think 480 now?).

When I first got the laptop set up with Linux, I ran tests to see how much the GPU sped up the exporting of videos. What I found was that I got varying results depending on the resolution, frame rate, and quality settings. I no longer remember the details, but in some configurations, there was negligible speed up compared to the i5 processor in the laptop. In other configurations, using the hardware encoder gave 10-15% speed up - enough to be nice, but not so much as to be essential.

While I have generally been happy with the laptop, my testing made me decide that I would have done better to forgo the “gaming” bit, and instead gotten a laptop that is better suited for Linux - not that Ubuntu is not running well on the HP, but there are a few annoying odds and ends that don’t (yet) quite work the way they should - e.g., I can’t just close the lid and have it go into suspend mode; I have to click and select that before closing the lid. Minor annoyance, and if the GPU had really knocked my socks off, well worth it. As it is … my next laptop will not include a GPU, and will likely be a Dell or some other brand that is Linux-friendly.

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