Editing with hires videos

Hello all,

Just started playing a bit more on video editing for my family adventures and loving shotcut so far.

Got a couple of questions that hopefully y’all be able to answer.

I normally record on 4K/5.3k on the GoPro but shotcut has been crashing lately.

Questions are:

  1. Is it better to download the clip on the original resolution(4/5.3K) or download the compressed (1080p) and work off it
  2. Do I need to beef up my system to be better able to work with the hires files? (It’s an Acer with 16gb in ram or iMac 2016 with 8gb of ram)

Thanks in advance for your advice!!

Your systems have the minimum requirements for editing 4K. Minimum is not good or recommended and means you need to limit yourself heavily. High resolution (4K) is often usually the better choice (kind of depends on what you are doing with it). The 5.3K video is good for cropping and downscaling to 4K.

Regardless of the system strength, it is recommended to use Proxy and Preview Scaling features when working with higher than 1080p. For your systems, that is essential maybe even for HD editing. There is a tutorial on our Tutorials page about those features as well as Documentation - English pages here if you search by those feature names.

As for the crashing, there have been some crash bugs found in the latest release, and there is a beta you can try for the next release due by the end of the month

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Thank you for the information.
I have enabled proxy and the Preview scaling.
Only downside is now that i need to wait longer for the proxy to be created so i can start editing the videos.
For the exporting part, I’m not that concerned if it takes longer, as i can leave the computer turned on while processing.

For the gopro videos you can plug in the memory card directly into your computer and copy both the .mp4 and .lrv file which is an already made proxy-like file and will be automatically loaded* by Shotcut (when you enable proxy). You can then easily edit on these and export will use the high quality files.

*make sure you add the original .mp4 to Shotcut, not the .lrv files

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This is nice, thank you.
Im assuming that the .lrv file and the .mp4 need to be on the same folder when importing into shotcut, correct?

this was a great tip… i did some recording on the gopro, connected it via USB, imported the files to computer and then edited the file in ShotCut without lag… now i dont have to rely 100% on gopro’s cloud to download the file and work off them. :slight_smile:

it did take some time to fully convert from 5.3k60 to 1080p, but i can leave it overnight… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input…

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