During export, shotcut does not actually export


(Sorry for my English)
Hello! I ran into a problem - as soon as I start exporting a video, shotcut instantly completes the export, but in fact it did nothing. I have already reinstalled, changed formats. I hope for help …

(note image - shotcut completes export in less than a second)

Can’t duplicate the issue.
Shotcut 20.04.12, Windows 10
Default Export settings (staying out of advanced)

Perhaps supply information & complete steps that anyone can follow and duplicate the issue you’re having.

Right-click on the job and check what the log says.

log shows this

The error “I/O warning: failed to load external entity” suggests a problem with the generated job XML. Right click the export job, choose to View the XML, Save it with .mlt name, and upload it here.

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Here is an old bug for the same problem:

As you can see this was fixed by checking if the temp directory – C:\Windows\Temp in your case – is writable. If not, then it tries something else.
What version are you using?

Thanks for the help, I should have allowed access to the C:\Windows\Temp folder as administrator.

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