Dual Monitor Screens - Info

Many of the “fancy” NLEs have the ability to move the element panels, especially the Monitor panel, to another video screen. I don’t have the fancy DVEO Vidport video card but I do have a second video monitor which identifies as Screen 1, with the default being Screen 0. I tried switching to Screen 1 and had to restart my Linux PC. Dang!

Since that didn’t work I moved Shotcut to the secondary screen and maximized it. That works fine. I found that all the panels except for the Monitor have two little icons in the upper-right hand side of each window. The right-most X deletes that panel but the one next to it, just to the left, will “detach” that panel from the interface. Then the panel(s) can be moved to any other location including a secondary video monitor. Note that wherever you place them will be remembered next time you call it up. I thought this info might be interesting. :slight_smile:

Edit: Clicking that other button again will re-attach the panel to the main interface.

Edit 2: I tried putting the main interface on my second video monitor so the Monitor window would be as large as possible. Then I moved the Timeline, Playlist, Filters, Properties and Export windows onto my first video monitor, carefully shaping them so they were all independently viewable. Since I still had some screen space left over I started adding the audio scopes. I successfully added them in order until I tried to add the Audio Waveform and - Shotcut crashed!

Well, it was an interesting exercise. Reassembling the Shotcut interface I found that the normal position for the Properties, Playlist, Filters and Export panels not only overlay each other but will auto-size with changing size of the Timeline and Monitor panels. The Export panel first appears too crunched up for my taste and when I widen the window all the others in that location widen auto-magically. The two monitor solution I was going for did not have that feature and I had to fuss with the sizes too much. So, I am going back to the Shotcut default interface layout. BTW, the View/Restore Default Layout option seems to restore to a small Player only layout.

This was fun for me. I hope you might find something useful here. :sunglasses:


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Thank you Ken. Although I don’t have 2 monitors I learned a lot from your post regarding rearranging the screen layout. And now I want two monitors!! Thanks for this informative post.


Love the programme. I do have 2 monitors and would love the “player on 2nd screen” function.