Drop shadow effect

Would anyone else find a drop shadow effect useful in Shotcut? I’ve wanted to ask this for a while (I’ve been using Shotcut for about a year now), but I’ve been afraid because my searches coming up short made me wonder if I was missing something.

So far, I’ve gotten by adding the effect to images before importing them. This is usually fine except for the fact that scaling/manipulating these prepared images obviously means altering their shadows, too, which isn’t always what I’d like to do. Also, videos are left out in the cold entirely unless I want to dedicate a video track to filtered shapes or prepared images under them to approximate the effect.

I see the drop shadow effect isn’t in the road map, and I can’t find anyone talking about it here, so maybe there’s really no interest at all in it. Any thoughts?


Can you provide an example of the effect you are looking for?


This type of shadow effect.

Not sure if you use GIMP, but it’s a wonderful free open source graphic editor.
I created this using GIMP, and used it within Shotcut. Export to PNG format for transparency.
Took me just a few minutes to make the PNG.
Same can be done with Mask and Opacity filters, but it’s just faster making the PNG image yourself, in my opinion anyway.




Thank you, Hudson. No, I don’t use GIMP (I’ve never heard of it), but I do already use a graphic editor now to create shadowed PNGs to import into Shotcut.

I’m asking about having this effect made a feature within Shotcut for both ease and uniformity. For example, say I import two images with this effect into Shotcut with equal dimensions. I then scale one of those images larger. The scaled image will appear to have a larger shadow than the other image.


If Shotcut had its own drop shadow effect, its parameters could be maintained independently from the object. Additionally, I’d like to use this effect on video clips. I know I can place a shape with similar dimensions to a clip on a track under it, offset it, and tease it with filters to achieve something similar, but then I’d have an additional object to manipulate if I wanted to move the clip around at all.

+1 for drop shadow in Shotcut.


I think your suggestion is excellent. However, bear in mind that Shotcut is a video editor not Adobe after effects.

It’s still possible, with a little effort, to create reasonable drop shadow effects.

All the drop shadow effects were done with Shotcut, except the animated image. Used 3 tracks with Text, Mask, S&P, R&S, H/L/S, and Levels filters.


I also give a :+1: for drop shadows.:smile:


ffmpeg already has provision for drawing text shadows, assuming Shotcut uses ffmpeg to draw text.

You would need a way of specifying the position and color of the shadow, as well as I believe the opacity.


I usually do drop shadows in a gfx editor too and use PNGs so they can be semi transparent, but a dedicated feature would be a nice addition. There’s been a few times when I’ve used Chroma-key overlays or MOVs with transparency, that a moving drop shadow would have been that finishing touch that really iced the cake :slight_smile:

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There is no “drop shadow” filter in Shotcut but drop shadow for text can be easily done by duplicating text filter and change color, opacity, blur, position etc. Here is the tutorial link https://youtu.be/8GOj43Q9KtM

I don’t find the dropshadow filter in https://www.mltframework.org/plugins/PluginsFilters/ so, it takes time to give priority on this. You guys are creative and familiar with HTML and webvfx so any one can contribute by making drop shadow video filter for Shotcut based on webvfx. Someone in this forum member made text filter based on webvfx which was nice.
Thank you.

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No, it does not and the Overlay HTML filter has a drop shadow text effect.

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You do not need to add anything to use text in the Overlay HTML filter, and it already has Text Shadow in the Format menu.

One advantage of using overlaid text and mask filters to create drop shadows, as opposed to using transparent png images, is that if you choose to, you can change the shadow position.using key frames. Can’t do that with static png images.

Drop shadow II

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I love the movable drop shadow!

+1 to drop shadow effect. I think it would be very convenient to have such option in setting of “Size, Position & Rotate” filter, just like we already have option to change background colour.

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What I did kind of works for videos if the subject doesn’t move around too much because I was trying to greenscreen in a person into the shot. I just duplicated my person and put in behind the original shot and added the Hue/Saturation/Brightness filter and turned it all the way down to make the character black. I then used opacity to make it look more shadowy and just a little Elastic Scale to make it stretch a little like a real shadow. Idk if that helps your project or anything but I’ll just share…Ignore the black square also I just didn’t want to show my face on the internet lol and its blurry because I just recorded it in the editor and didn’t export it.