Downsize videoquality in the timeline

Hey, when i edit a video in the timeline, it is jerky and not fluent. i dont want to spend money to buy a better PC. Is it possible to downsize the quality of the Video while editing? I did this in PowerDirektor, 480p is totally fine for me… It worked great, but Power Director does not render 1440p (2.7), which i need for my drone. That´s why i switched over to Shotcut… is that possible?

Not natively.
There are work-arounds if you’re interested in that.

How to "proxy" edit with Shotcut

Choose a smaller Video Mode in Settings with a matching aspect ratio as the desired export (and preferably also matching frame rate esp. if using keyframes) before starting a project. Then, in Export, simply change the resolution to what you want. Most of the filters store information as percentages to make things adaptive, but there are some things that do not scale correctly: HTML-based filters and the Size and Position filter, maybe also Crop. I have not tested all of the filters to give an exhaustive list - your mileage may vary.