Downoald a plugin for shotcut, to float images

Bonjour !

Pour les montages vidéo de ma chaine youtube, j’aimerai pouvoir faire flotter des images ou des textes, comme sur sony vegas.Pour cela j’imagine qu’il faut avoir un plugin. Mais voila mes questions :

1 où trouver des plugins adaptés a shotcut ?
2 comment l’installer ?
3 si le plugin que je veux n’existe pas, est il possible de le faire ?

Sinon, est ce qu’il existe un effet dans les filtres qui me permet de faire la même chose (mouvements aléatoires)

Je suis nouveau dans le monde de shotcut, il faut encore que je me familiarise avec le logiciel.

Merci d’avance !

Traduction with google :smile:

Hello !

For the video editing of my channel youtube, I would like to float images or texts, as on sony vegas. for that I imagine you need to have a plugin. But here are my questions:

1 find plugins suitable for shotcut?
2 how to install it?
3 if the plugin I want does not exist, is it possible to do it?

If not, is there an effect in the filters that allows me to do the same thing (random moves)

I am new to the world of shotcut, I still need to familiarize myself with the software.

Thank you in advance !


Could you link to a video that demonstrates the effect you are referring to please?

I think I know what you mean but it would help to be certain.

Thank you


Pourriez-vous créer un lien vers une vidéo qui montre l’effet auquel vous faites allusion s’il vous plaît?

Je pense que je sais ce que vous voulez dire, mais il serait utile d’en être certain.

Je vous remercie

hi !

for exemple this video at 0:11

Could you post the video link please :slight_smile: There’s nothing to view…

yes sorry !

this video at 00:18

No plugins required with Shotcut.
This is all done with Keyframes :
Many filters have this, and for text and images to duplicate the above video, you would be utilizing either Size & Position, or Scale & Rotate filters, or both. There is no one way of doing this and it comes down the person’s style of editing.

we can not do random movement ?


You can use one of the shake presets in the size & position filter, or just create your own. All you have to do is place your text or png on screen and apply advanced keyframes. The “float” is created by moving the text 20 or 30 pixels in one direction and returning it to where it started over about 6-8 frames. Using smooth keyframe types should give you the gentle effect you want.

Random is where you place each keyframe point. There is no random selection if that’s what your asking. And placing each point is rather easy.

ok thank you I should succeed. if I do not, I will come back to you. Thank you so much !

I created the “float” preset, but how do you move the pixels?

Just change the values in the position section. X moves it left if you reduce it, right if you increase, and Y moves it up and down. just type in a new value, 30 or so different and the text will move in that direction by the number of pixels you input :slight_smile:

yes, I know all about it! but where are we doing it? in which tab?

Work with Zoom 10% or 25% to see where you’re placing the keyframe.

Set where you want your keyframe to be at.
Dragging the black dot moves your keyframe.
Your next keyframe will determine where that will be moved to.

Setting your next keyframe.

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Exactly right. Set a keyframe in one position - advance say 3 frames, alter those digits by about 30 pixels, advance 3 more frames and set those figures back to what they were before. If you want you can do it again with smaller movements over maybe 2 frames to give the impression it is settling into place.

I’m really sorry, but I can not understand. I do not have the second line where you have to place the points!

and I would like to know, it is not possible to create a pre-setting in the filters for not having to replace the points each time?

Ok thanks !

but I havent got the second line ! this line :


Click the icon by the position numeric fields that looks like a stopwatch or old alarm clock.