Downoald a plugin for shotcut, to float images

OK thanks a lot !!!
so I’ll have to be able to do it now.
on the other hand is it possible to save it as a filter or pre-adjustment for not having to replace the points each time?

okay. I now know how to move it, and I get there!
But how to make the movement lighter? Rounded?

Right click on one of the keyframe markers and it brings up a menu that allows you to change the keyframe type or delete it. Select keyframe type and choose the smooth type. Linear is the default which changes sharply as it changes direction and discrete is sudden movement. Smooth should achieve what you want.
The keyframe type affects only the move after it so if you want all the movement to be smooth you’ll need to change each point.
When you change a keyframe type whilst you are in the process of adding keyframes, every one you add after will be the same type as the last one, but if the frames are already defined you will have to change them one by one.

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