Doing a title crawl?

I get how to create title “cards” and transition from one to the other. Does Shotcut have a way to produce a crawl?

Let me amend what I get about titling with text alone: the concept. It appears I need the Frei0r plug-in to generate a clip of color for the title background. I’m running Shotcut on a Win10 machine. Is Frei0r already present or…???

Look around to see this frequently requested feature.

See the top item in the road map.

They are all the same.

No, on features page where you read “Frei0r video generator plugins” (already included) is the next line “Color, noise, and counter generators.” You just need to look around a little more: File > Open Other…

OK Color background issue sorted out. Crawling titling is where? I don’t see it in the road map. Is this something done in HTML and imported?

Maybe here :

Or :
From Estay Serge on Google+ page :slight_smile:you can insert a html sheet like this in your project.
you can insert a html sheet like this in your project.

text credit






copy and past this in a text editor
save as .html file,
Drag it in shotcut.
You havemany samples how to make scrolling text in the web better this one.

Thanks for the HTML example.

IMHO, a simple crawl filter (e.g., adapting the title filter) is more Shotcut-ish. Some of us, I’m sure, are not fully HTML capable. “Star Wars” crawls, etc. would be nice, but can be reasonably be assumed to be outside the scope of Shotcut.

Someone gave a better exemple on the Shotcut Google+ page, but I couldn’t find it…