Zoom or visualizer filter/effect

Hey shotcut team, its me desk and i use shotcut since 1,5 years. i really like the software and hope you will accept this suggestions:
I think its time to add an zoom effect for zooming smooth in to show something or use it in a montage of minecraft.
Also i thought about an visualizer effect for music videos, where you add a logo and it shakes or explode when in the music is Bass (like TrapNation (YouTube))
in hope that you accept something here

-sincerely, desk-

p.s. my english is not very good ,im a german guy :slight_smile:


Generally there have been a lot of requests lately for more “dynamic” size and position options, where the changes to the clip occur over a period of time instead of simply being static for the whole duration. Things like zoom, panning, or rotating (shaking as you describe) would be like this.

I cannot say if or when this would be included, but if posts like these get more likes then there is a better chance it will be noticed.


Yes, this…so much this

I am looking for same thing to happen, i am new shotcut user. If this doesn’t happened already , i want to make monstercat or trapnation (kind visualizers) music videos Can anyone suggest something on this.

Please do not revive outdated topics like this. This is available for a while now in the Size and Position filter. Do not assume your readers know what monstercat or trapnation is. There are Audio Visualization filters. You should do a little searching here and on YouTube to learn more.