Does Shotcut can accept 3D-LUT from display calibration?

Such as ICC profile for Photoshop, Gimp, digikam for example. But I’ve heard that for vdo editor use 3D LUT for the calibrated display to correct color show on display. Just like Davinci can use import 3D LUT .cube file. How about Shotcut can do the same? I’ve search and found LUT filter, but after read a while and what I understand it use is for color grading. How about use for color management??

Technically, you could do that by placing the LUT filter on the Output track to “calibrate” all video. However, the calibration LUT will now be included in the scopes, such as the vectorscope and waveforms. That means if you grade a scene to put reds directly on the red line of the vectorscope, the raw data won’t actually be on the red line because the scope is showing you corrected colors specific to your display.

Resolve has an option to apply a calibration LUT that does not affect the scopes. Shotcut does not have this option.

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Why I’ve search and almost no one mention about this calibrate? Is it not worth to do?

No one mentions it because most people are either not hard-core editors, or they are hard-core but put their energies in the direction of speed rather than quality. Ask the average enthusiast how they would spend $5,000 on a new workstation, and they’ll say something like this:

  • $3,000 for processor(s) with the most cores
  • $1,500 for a ridiculous GPU
  • $200 for an RGB case and cooling
  • $200 for storage drives
  • $100 for a screen
  • $0 for speakers
  • $0 for acoustic treatment of the editing room

Curiously, the things getting the least money are the screen and speakers and room that we use to see and hear what’s going on, which determines the ultimate quality of our productions. We can’t fix what we can’t detect, and inaccurate screens and speakers are a great way to prevent us from seeing the truth of our productions.

Sorry, a little rant of mine. :rofl:

To your point, for anyone halfway serious about video, it is very important to calibrate. There are other ways to achieve this with Shotcut. You can apply a profile at the OS level and let it ripple up to Shotcut (depending on your OS). Or you can have Shotcut send raw video to a Blackmagic DeckLink card that’s connected to a calibrated monitor. Some monitors allow calibration LUTs to be loaded directly onto the monitor. Or, you can get an external “LUT box” that goes between the DeckLink card and the monitor to apply your calibration LUT before the video hits the screen. Both methods work with Shotcut.

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I see your point now. :grin:
I think I’m halfway maybe. Little hobby, and some commercial sent footage to micro stock. That why I think about calibrate. Also have some plan to have Davinci in future. But Shotcut is great for practice and casual/simple to use and I send some footages to micro stock too.

I’ve profile ICC in windows by displaycal. But as I understand that ICC is usually not cover vdo edit software like shotcut, davinci right? So does the 3D LUT create by shotcut is good way instead of Blackmagic DeckLInk, monitor build in LUT, external LUT box? So that I can use without more invest.

DisplayCAL should be able to create a LUT from the ICC. See the last section:

Make sure the ICC is not already in effect at the OS level. If it is, you shouldn’t need the LUT at all. That would be double correction (assuming Shotcut uses OS calibration, which I’m not sure it does).

Once the ICC is verified off, the LUT can go on the Shotcut Output track. From here on, you will have to do your correction and grading using only your eyes. The scopes will be inaccurate since they see the effects of the LUT. Realistically, you can probably still use the histogram and waveform for brightness readings. The LUT probably won’t make radical brightness modifications. But don’t trust any of the scopes for color accuracy.

This is a gray area to me. Support varies by OS, and I’m actually not sure if Shotcut is designed to accept or bypass OS ICC. That’s the nice thing about a DeckLink card. It makes this question irrelevant.

On a separate note, here is a cool article for getting started in color calibration in a “more affordable” way:

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Just played with 3D LUT files create from instruction link of Displaycal. Take sometime to read, try, research and understand. I’ve try that 3D LUT of my display on Davinci seem to work I think.

Your another link sound great! Will read tonight and maybe comeback with few questions. :grinning:

In meantime, I found strange behavior of LUT(3D) filter.

  1. Once open 3D LUT file in LUT(3D) filter, when click any other filter then click back again at LUT filter, it say “No file Loaded”, it unload automatic. Don’t know why. Also change layout ex: from color layout to editing layout back and forth, “No file Loaded” in filter.
  2. Some 3D LUT file seem to not working in Shotcut. Since I’ve create few difference 3D LUT files, some also come from Davinci build-in LUT, only few of them effect in Shotcut. Davinci effect every
    LUT files but Shotcut only some will effect. Why?

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