Do not hear Audio track

Hello I have added an audio track in my picture show(only a short video track in it) but i do not hear the music. What did I wrong ?

Click on this link to see possible solutions: No sound on clips - #2 by MusicalBox

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Sorry. I checked all this but without result.
By the way I have Windows 11 on my PC

Does Shotcut’s Audio Peak meter show any animation when the audio plays? Select menu item:

View->Scopes->Audi Peak Meter

Also, post a screenshot of the audio clip’s properties. Better yet, post a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window, not just the properties.

I hereby attach a screenprint of my Shotcut project with ao a short video (C0001), the rest of it are pictures

. I splitted therefore the audio file in order to hear the sound of this C0001.
Strange is that I now hear the sound of the first part of the audiofile but not the rest of it (after C0001)

I notice you have 4 audio filters applied to that clip. Are they identical to the ones applied to the first split part?

Also, try disapplying all 4 filters (remove the ‘’), see if the audio now works and if so apply each filter in turn and check which one removes the audio sound.

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Yes that is the solution Neil. There was still a ‘mute’(dempen) filter on the second part.

Thank you very much for your support.



Graag gedaan. I’m glad you’re problem is sorted.

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