Disappearing Timeline

I have been using the latest version for the last month or so and suddenly today I can’t see the timeline properly at the bottom. It’s like the bottom has been cut off. I can see the top half of one track and that’s it. It’s basically unuseable the way it is. Anyone know how I can fix this? Windows 10. Version 20.04.12.

Resize your window or maximize it. Then, click Timeline in the main tool bar to show it in case it was turned off or hiding behind another tab. Resize the panels as you need. If all that does not help, try View > Layout > Restore Default Layout in the menu.

I have the same issue but the suggestions above don’t help. I’ve tried everything I can think of.
This is what I see, and the tracks are still there but I cannot get the view back.

See this thread: The timeline is down there , i don't know how to resize it

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