Different Playhead Movement Speeds

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I have encountered an issue in Shotcut and I’m not sure if it’s a bug.

When I select a video and press the right arrow key, the playhead moves forward at a certain speed. When I press the left arrow key, the playhead moves backward.

The issue is that the playhead moves backward at a noticeably slower speed compared to moving forward. However, after converting to the Edit-friendly format(Time remap), the playhead moves at the same speed in both directions.

I don’t understand why this happens. Is this a bug?

I use the jogging function of Shotcut via the J, K, L buttons very often and also have some problems with the behavior of the newer versions. At higher playback speeds forwards, the playback stutters and jerks quite a lot, backwards it is even worse. The behavior is also very sluggish.

Activating “Settings/Player/Realtime (frame dropping)” only helps slightly.
I have noticed that this behavior depends very much on the bit rate of the source video. At video bit rates < 5 MBit/S the behavior is acceptable, at bit rates >10 MBit/S it becomes very problematic. I have the impression that the player always buffers video for a certain period of time, which leads to an increase in the amount of data that Shotcut has to handle at high bit rates.

With older versions the behavior was much better, that’s the reason why I still use version 22.12.21. In this version, activating the “Settings/Player/Realtime (frame dropping)” function also makes a much bigger difference.

It would be very nice if the developers could take another look at this. Thank you.

Not a bug. Using proxies will help a lot. See previous thread: