Description of all filters?

Shotcut has so many great filters but I don’t know what most of them mean. I watched some video tutorials and looked through the FAQ hoping to find a list of all the filters with descriptions. Does such a list exist? Otherwise it’s hit or miss watching tutorials. Alternatively I could Google every filter name but that would be tedious.

Thank you in advance!


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+1 on this. I would gladly help describe filters tbh XD

I think there is no comprehensive list - or I was also not able to find it.
It seems that the best way would be a forum topic with all filters and updating the first post to achieve an encompassing list. Lastly, a link to that topic in one of the help pages would be helpful for all Shotcut users.
@scellycraftyt Do you want to create a topic and start it off? I could do it but I think you have more experience than me and therefore could describe more filters. (I often use the HTML overlay and only few other filters.)

I guess so, I mean I dont mind volunteering to help describe each individual filter since I know pretty much all of them.

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That’s awesome, @scellycraftyt. Thank you!

This has been discussed before, but no conclusion reached:

I’ve added documentation on my website for each filter I’ve developed and also included a button at the bottom of the filter itself that takes you to the documentation. See:

I think a link to the forum topic in the help menu would be enough.

Perhaps later on, a description button could be added to every filter which will open a pop-up. The text in the pop-up should be filled out by the people on Transifex which means for the orginal English version some persons would join the English team. In this case only the code for the popup had to be copied to every filter and the work for @shotcut would be reduced.
Another way would be, like you suggest in the other topic, a web link to every filter. But instead of a separate web page I would suggest that in a forum topic each filter is described in a own post and the respective link is inserted into the code.

A large percentage of filters used by SC are frei0r filters.

Should you wish to modify or make your own:

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This is really nice documentation for the filters you created. I just need something like this for each of the filters built into Shotcut.

I’m not a video editing professional. I’m just a guy with a hobby making videos of dirt riding. I want to get better, and understanding what the various filters do will help tremendously!

We can add a documentation category in the forum. The forum has a feature to convert a post into a wiki topic, which mean multiple people can edit it. We just need to figure out how to prevent random chatter in the category (limited access, re-categorize, etc.), and I want to figure out a convention for how to handle translations of topics to different languages. I have been thinking about this for a while. I will investigate more over the next few days and come back to this.


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