Manual de filtros

¿Exixte en algún sitio, un manual con los efectos de todos los FILTROS de SHOTCUT?


This has been discussed in thepast, but I don’t think there has been any progress:

@ANIE There is some basic documentation on all the filters here:

Also, an excellent description of the blend modes with a visual example of each can be found here: 21

I’ve made use of this in the past when photo-editing, but it applies equally well for video editing too. All of the blend modes Shotcut supports are described here.


Hi. Thank you very much. This is something that should be in Tutorials or Resources page.

Not all people have previous image or video editing knowledge. In Spanish we say something like “las cosas no se saben por ciencia infusa”, something like you don’t have innate knowledge on all things :wink:

This have been very useful for me. Thank you again

Muchisimas gracias @Elusien

@kinuris tiene toda la razón, debería estar en los tutoriales de la web.

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