Keywords and description for filters and presets

I am trying to figure out what each filter and preset does.
When I browse through the filters, Shotcut shows a one-line description, as shown below:

But this is very cryptic, and not of any help.

I am looking for a more elaborate description, about what the filter achieves, its best uses, how its parameters work, tips about how to use it, etc.

So I was looking for keywords and description field for filters or presets.
But I could not find them.

Do these fields already exist, or are they planned in future?

I checked out the roadmap, and found this entry:

  • add keywords, description, and presets to Filters search

Does this mean advanced search for filters?
If so, it would need these fields for filters and presets.
So would the fields be added as part of this feature?

I also found a five years old thread asking for description for each filter, but it seems to be asking for an external documentation, rather than attached fields. In any case, it was closed because of timeout.

Those are keywords for search.

Does this mean advanced search for filters?

No, the road map item needs updating to simply “add presets to Filters search”.

what the filter achieves, its best uses, how its parameters work, tips about how to use it, etc.

That is in Documentation - English where it exists (and elsewhere such as YouTube).

Thanks for real-time response! :slight_smile:

The documentation is scattered, and search-based. Not suitable for a “start-to-finish” reading. Many users would prefer to settle down with a proper User Manual, and read it through.

If there is a plan to develop a User Manual collaboratively, I volunteer to contribute. So far, I have created 10+ user manuals single-handedly, including the pdf User Manual for LMMS.

If you agree to take the plunge, we’ll need a TOC-type listing of topics to begin with. Here is a candidate listing of all topics.

The simplest scheme would be to embed hyperlinks on that page, which jump to the explanation page for each feature.

This will help anyone (even a non-user) who comes to that page to check out what Shotcut can do for him. At the same time, it will help all Shotcut users too!

IMHO, instead of displaying keywords next to the preview thumbnail, a brief description should be provided.

In addition, there should be a link (Help button) that opens the full help page about the filter/preset.

Rather, the candidate listing is here Documentation - English and you can explore the sections using the tags drop-down

I volunteer to contribute

I will add you to the doc_editors group so that you are a “trusted user.”

instead of displaying keywords next to the preview thumbnail, a brief description should be provided.

That is much more difficult for me; so, I did keywords. I do not plan to change this.

I and a few others have been contributing to the documentation. Nobody full-time has been writing documentation in English.

To create a PDF user guide, it would constantly need to be revised with each new version. Read through this to learn why.

The latest version of Shotcut today is a whole lot better than it was 2 years ago. Very few of the documentation articles are revised with each version, and if you search through page views in the document section, people are seeking out the information. People are also reading 3+ year-old posts on how something works.

I think it would be awesome to get another documentation contributor.

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I meant brief text like an extended tooltip. Physically, such text would fit the box that contains keywords right now.

If the documentation contributors create those texts, it would be trivial matter for you to replace these keywords with proper tips.

While keywords are good for searching, they are not as helpful to the user as an extended tooltip.

I can readily appreciate this!

A common problem is that there are not many volunteers for manual-making.
In fact, I did not find anyone who’d help me create any of my 10+ manuals!

I have made manual as pdf files and also online wikis.
It all depends on what the developer wants.

Some wikis can be exported as pdf.
It would be nice if we plan in advance for such features.

We should have a Zoom/Google meeting to decide the overall strategy.
I can put together some ideas to set the agenda…

Well, people sense that Shotcut is just too good to drop just because it does not have a good user manual. So they will try their best to make do with anything they can find.

But a proper user manual is a thing of joy.

‘RTFM’ should mean “Read the Fantastic Manual!” :smile: