Deleting source file after edition

Hi everyone. My main use for this program, is cropping TV recordings, so that after cropping-edition session, I don’t need anymore the source file, so I just delete it. This, mainly to save disk space for more recordings. But if I try to do this with shotcut proyect still opened, I can’t because obviously the source file is opened by shotcut. So I just close the current proyect and create a new one, and then, I try again to delete the earlier source file, but windows keeps me saying that is opened by shotcut, and doesn’t let me delete the file. So as last resort, I need to close shotcut for can delete the file.
So, is there any way to delete from disk, a source file, without having to close shotcut?

According to this post, doing File > Close twice should work.


It doesn’t work on my computer, but it’s worth trying. You might get lucky.

Thank you for answer, but that didn’t work, even with the latest shotcut version. Just shutting down shotcut I can erase the file.

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