Closing the File (CTRL+W) Does Not Allow Windows to Delete It

Windows 10 Home 64 bit


So I open a video file, do some edits and then press CTRL-W (to close the project). It’s gone. Now, I open another video file and work on it. If I try to delete the video file from earlier (using any file manager), Windows tells me it is still being used by Shotcut. It’s very annoying. If I’ve closed the old file or project, don’t see it anymore, and even opened a new video file to work on, I really should be able to delete any and all files related to the one I just closed. The only way to release the file, it seems, is to shut down Shotcut and start it again, which can take a long time.

Workaround: close twice

That doesn’t work either. The old file is still locked. Shotcut has to be totally closed and reopened again.

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