Deinterlacing results in ghosting

An issue I have been having recently is how when ever I try to deinterlace something, it results in ghosting and looks bad. This is weird since in the past I have been able to deinterlace something and not result in ghosting, just lower framerate. If someone could tell me a fix to this that would be appreciated.

Is this in the preview or export? Maybe try changing the deinterlace mode.

Its an export

Its an export. I’ve tried every deinterlace mode as well

Maybe the clip is not detected as interlaced, see its Properties.

It’s detected as interlaced

Here’s a screenshot of my export settings. If anyone can identify the problem that would help a bunch

Seriously, I need help here. It’s driving me crazy

What happens if you choose a deinterlacing filter that doesn’t have a temporal filter?

Can you share a screenshot of the properties panel for your source clip?

Like in the program?

Still ghosting

Maybe the ghosting problem is in your source.

Can you post a full size still of the original source clip with no deinterlacing. (Use VLC with deinterlacing and scaling off)?

I thought about that but I tested it out on other sources and it has the same problems

Here is a video to test. I have not reproduced your problem with this unless I choose the Linear Blend deinterlacer, of course. Note it is PAL in case you need to change your video mode. How does it work for you?

P.S. You can also use Properties > Convert > Advanced > Deinterlace.

Yes. For example, here are the properties for a clip that I have:

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. Unfortunately, it does not provide me any clues abut the problem. Would you be willing to share a link to a file share where I could download your source clip?