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I have two video tracks, one with a 3840 x 2160 video in it, and the one above it is empty. If I drag a 200 x 200 image onto the second track, it’s scaled to fit the full size of the video underneath (in this case, 2160 pixels high).

I can resize it to its original dimensions if I add the Size, Position and Rotate filter to it, but I have to input the dimensions manually.

Is there a way to import the image without it being resized? If not, is there a way for the aforementioned filter to detect the original image size?

Click on “Fit” for the Size mode.

Not with the above method of opening files in Shotcut.

Alternative way of working with Shotcut:
You could always use an image editor and position where you want that 200x200 image with a transparent background with a resolution to match your Video Mode in Shotcut. Save your image that has transparency with PNG.

Example Image:

Used in Shotcut: No filter

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Thanks for that. The “fit” size mode was what I was looking for. I’ll make a note of the second method, but I can’t use that for what I’m doing as I want to animate the image moving over the video.

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You still can move an image around if it’s 200x200, or 3840x2160. It’s just a different way of achieving the same goal.

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Ah ok - good to know, thanks!

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