Decrease in video quality while editing

Hi People, im currently editing a video for a very important work project and just ran into a major problem. I was editing clips that were filmed in 1080p and everything was looking good until the quality of all of the videos in the timeline suddenly decreased (by ALOT, like not watchable anymore) for no apparent reason. Every clip I readded had the same problem. Tried exporting the video to check whether it was just showing a worse quality inside of the program but it looks the same. I tried adjusting the video quality in settings which didnt help either. Im completely lost, had been working on the project for 8 hours and have no idea how to fix this. Any suggestions? This has to be finished till tomorrow…

Maybe you are using Preview Scaling or Proxy Editing. Or maybe your Video Mode was changed to be very low resolution.

Video mode definitely wasnt changed, I already tried changing that myself. Didnt help unfortunately. And ive already Exported the project to check whether it was just showing up in worse quality inside of the program which isnt the case.

I you can give us some screenshots of Shotcut with your project open, maybe a clue will jump out at us.

I´ll do that right now, just gotta change the language to english quickly

Im so sorry. I just found the solution. Dumbest thing ever, I was copying a set of filters onto some clips that also had gaussian blur in it and accidentaly copied that onto the master track… I was just panicking and didnt notice. My bad

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