Declick Audio Filter

For technical reasons this appears in the Time category of the Filters chooser, but it is an audio filter.
This first appeared in version 23.09 with the name Declick and the name in version 24.01 was changed to Declick Audio to make it more obvious.

This filter is intended to remove click, crackle, and pop artifacts in the source audio - not from splitting clips or switching between clips on the timeline. For those situations, see the Track Auto Fade Audio and Track Seam (recommended) audio filters.

Here are the parameters:

  • Window sets the amount of audio (number of samples in milliseconds) that will be processed at-a-time.
  • Threshold is the strength in % of impulse noise to be removed. The lower value, the more samples will be detected as impulsive noise.
  • Burst fusion is a percentage of the window - if any two samples detected as noise are spaced less than this value, any sample between those two samples will be also detected as noise.
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