Damn beard and green screen

Hi everyone, I have a problem and please don’t reply “Shave”
I have got the green screen background quite good, but I have a big beard and so as you can imagine, it is an issue.
Everywhere is fine but around the edges of my beard it still has a very slight green to it.

Any ideas?

Don’t say shave!
Oi, I said don’t!


A tip from @MusicalBox in the video tutorial below. Add an “Alpha Channel Adjust” filter with the “Shrink Soft” mode:

I live in Cyprus and that beard would be considered to be stubble, or a 5 o’clock shadow by some of the Othodox priests here.

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There is a way.

I saw it in one of the many posts here on the Forum recently about transparency and greenscreens.

But which one…

It might be AlphaChannel:Adjust:Threshold.

It looks like @Elusien has the real scoop.

By the way, if you want to use a “virtual” green screen (using Webex Meetings software), rather than a physical one, have a look at this video here:

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There is also a Key Spill filter for advanced control.


Vous n’êtes pas obligé de la raser,
vous pouvez aussi la teindre.

You don’t have to shave it,
you can also dye it. :sunglasses:


Thank you

Thanks but I use the green screen for layers.
I have my background as the lowest track and me in the middle and that way I can add photos or video behind me but over the background and text over or below me.

A green beard would look good for St Patrick’s day. I believe they turned the Chicago river green on that day this year.


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