Cut end off audio track?

I am very much a beginner.
My imported video had a section of blank video in the middle but had an audio track that would still be fine if that blank bit of video were cut out.

So I split the audio from the video

Then I cut out that blank bit.

That made the video track shorter than the audio track.

So I split the audio at the end there and cut off the last bit.

And then tried to export the video. (This is always confusing to me - ‘export video’ really means all the active tracks doesn’t it - audio and video?).

And nothing happens. At all. It will not export a video now.

I’ve undone the edits and started again and cut at different places and googled for tips but I can’t crack it.

Should it work? or am I trying to do something I shouldn’t?

I can’t understand what you want to do, If you don’t know English, then you could post in your own language.
And from my guess, to remove the blank bit, press S on your keyboard when the blank video starts and then again press S when it ends, now select the blank bit of the video and press Delete on your keyboard with ripple toggle turned on.

Edit: Could you post a screenshot or screen recording of the problem.

Edit 2: Try to just move the 2nd clip at the right.

I thought I said it pretty clearly.

I’ve now got a situation where the audio is longer than the video and I want to cut the end off the audio (so’s they’re the same length).
screenshot.2021-07-22 (4)

What you did is correct. When you export the video the audio track is included.

It isn’t clear when you say “nothing happens”. When you clicked Export you should then have clicked Export File, did you? Have you looked in the log to see if there is an error?

All that FIle > Export Video does it open or raise the Export panel

Yes, it’s alright. It was all my own silly fault. I simply didn’t click ‘export file’.
I don’t know why. I’m very new but I’ve done it a few times before alright. This time just went brain dead.
Your ‘spelling it out’ brought me to my senses.
Thank you. I feel quite embarrassed. :frowning:

Don’t feel embarassed. It is easy to get confused and most of us here have done something silly like that in the past.

Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Yes indeed - I’m DEFINITELY in that club!! @abrogard , no need to feel silly!!

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