Custom Video Mode, Classic Error

I guess I am not the first and I won’t be the last. I have just finished work on a video earlier today and I only noticed that I had messed up the video mode after I had exported the finished work.
I have now got a landscape video with portrait content. I want the portrait video but it should be in a portrait video mode. So now I am wondering if I can reset it somehow so I can export it the way I had originally intended.
I strongly suspect that I will need to do the whole video again with the correct video mode set to start with.
I have created two custom video modes, 4k landscape and 4k portrait. I chose the 4k Portrait video mode when I started the new project. But the editor seems to stay in the landscape format, so I now realise that I should have also set the video mode in the video editor before I started work. :man_facepalming: :gun:

Can anyone help shine some light on this for me please?

It’s best to set the Video Mode at the start of a project. Or you can set it using Settings, then choose a preset. There are several 4k presets to choose from.

When you made the custom video mode, perhaps you didn’t flip the aspect ratio to 9:16.

That all depends on how many adjustments you want to make. Do a file Save As (give the project a new name and experiment to see if you need to start over. Various if not all filters may need to be adjusted.

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