Custom transition


I’ve always wondered what the “custom” option in the transition is and how to use it.


Follow this tutorial from @jonray

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That’s kinda helpful i guess…

I would imagine that you could write code that produces a transition, though how you do that I don’t know - I’ve searched Shotcut’s source code to see how it is done for the various transitions listed, but haven’t managed to discover it (yet!).

Once you’ve written the code you save it in a file and when you select “custom” you can then select that file.

This is different from Jonray’s method described in the video above, as that uses various filters and clips on 2 tracks to produce the illusion of a transition, rather than a transition in the sense that Shotcut uses when 2 clips overlap on the same track.

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Does this tutorial help?

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There are a bunch on the web site resources page. When you view some and then use in a transition you will begin to understand.

Thanks for helping

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