Crop settings reset after selecting another object on timeline

I dropped video from playlist to timeline and the same video I dropped behind the first video on the same track. I used Crop filter on the first video. Everything worked fine. But when I select the second video on timeline and then select the first video again, crop settings are always cleared. Its repeatable and I recognized it in some older version first. Im using Shotcut 16.06 on Windows 7 machine.

It is working for me. However, I am not completely surprised. We have had some problem like this in the past with filter UIs, but I thought we had it fixed. Do you have this problem with other filters as well?
Anyone else see or reproduce this?

Size and position filter doesnt have this issue.

See this related bug report

Does the latest version 16.09 have this specific problem for you (or other readers)?

today I tried the crop filter on win10 machine with 16.06 version and afterwards I upgraded to latest version and problem with crop filter reseting dissapeared :slight_smile:
So problem is solved - great!
Thank you!