Crop:Rectangle filter parameters are read only

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Ubuntu 18.04

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

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Crop:rectangle parameters are “read only” when typing them or pressing arrows next to fields with numeric values. I can change position and size only with mouse on the video preview. However If I enter text fields “Position” or “Size” and try to type new value, after entering enter at the end, the system returns to the previous value (so it’s ignoring the entered value). Moreover if I use small arrows (top/bttm) next to these fields with numeric values, nothing is changing. I’m sure that in previous versions those fields were editable.

Moreover I have impression that I’ve noticed the same problem for some other filter but as it happened only once, I don’t remember now details. I’m writing this additional remark as I’m wondering if it might be some more generic problem touching not only this filter…

I reproduced, and it is a regression in this version. v21.12 works fine.

Do I understand well so you accept this as bug?

This is fixed for the next version. It is not a generic problem but rather one specific to this filter.

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Great! :slight_smile:

new user here, the app is great!

The above mentioned behavior I noticed as well in the latest version. 22.01.30 on Windows 10.

The problem was originally reported against this version. It is fixed in Beta Version 22.03.

Shotcut version 22.01.30
Windows 10 64bit build 19044.1586
The same behavior as described above :frowning:
Can´t change numeric values, arrows up and down for num fields not working, cand reduce rectangle height to value lower than 26px.