Crop frame too big for image, can't adjust


I’m fairly new to this and using Shotcut to make a “virtual Christmas choir.” So, I want lots of images in the video simultaneously, each with their own video track.

I’ve had no problem uploading and aligning the tracks so they sing in synch, but when I try to add the video I have problems. The process I’ve been using is upload track, align to the master track with eye closed (no video) then pick one track at a time, select Filter and then Crop if it needs excess background cut out, then Filter Size and Position to adjust it from filling up the whole screen to taking up one part of the grid.

The problem is that sometimes the white rectangular “frame” with the corners and centre dot for adjusting the image fits exactly around the image as it should, but sometimes it’s much bigger, or even on a separate place on the screen from the image. I can’t move the image around or change its size in the way I want, and sometimes the black “frame” for one singer’s picture overlaps onto another person’s picture.

How do I get the control frame to fit around the image? Can I remove the image from the video pane and try again without removing the whole file from the group song (I don’t want to import and realign the audio again if i don’t need to.)

I’ve tried adding a screenshot below: the lower right singer had a fitted frame, but the upper left duo has a frame that’s nowhere near their picture.

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 11.42.57 AM|690x431

First of all you are using an outdated version of Shotcut.
Currently the size and position filter has changed.
Now that filter is Size, Position and Rotate.
There are also several options that I don’t see in your screenshot of Shotcut such as preview scaling and proxy that improve the performance of editing and previewing.
Unless you are using the old version to use features that are now no longer supported, I would suggest that you make a copy of your project under another name and try the updated version on that copy of the project.

Thank you!

However, if anyone has suggestions about how I can fix this with the current version that would be great I am very much an amateur and working on a tight timeline while sick. :frowning:

I"m also not sure how to make a copy of my project: the mlt file name in my hard drive is only a few KB, so that can’t be the whole project, can it?. And if I delete my old version of Shotcut, won’t that delete the project?

You also put filters on the tracks that are added to the clip filters.

As @Namna points out well, you have filters applied to the tracks.
Maybe you are duplicating the size and position filter in the track and in the video clip?


Yes, that is the size of the project file, because they are commands and do not contain the video, audio or image files themselves.

Just choose Save As, then choose a new name.

I have just created this kind of video - although my singers were puppets.

I kept to 4 videos because of the limitations of my pc.

I used a combination of the mask simple shape and size/position/rotate filters.
(I created / saved presets for the mask filters to save time)
I used the mask to create the window for the “singer” to be seen in and used the size/position/rotate filters to adjust the size and position.

See this post where it gets discussed in detail.

Thanks, everyone! I updated the program and now know that that the frames depend on whether I click the tracks or the clips (although I still don’t really understand this, or why I have to click the tracks to get Crop: source). I’m also trying preview. I can’t quite get my head around masking right now, and this project is almost done; if I ever do this again I’ll go back to it. (I learned how to do this from a group that’s doing a lot of virtual choirs, where an organizer wrote a very clear set of instructions that includes everything except working with the images, so I never really learned Shotcut from square one. As you can imagine, it’s also mainly people doing “normal” films where you see one image at a time, so a lot of the online help doesn’t apply.)

I have the exact same problem. The size and rotate tabs disappear at a certain point. There is no way to resize the frame or picture. At some point one has to resort to the manual numbers. This is very frustrating. A task that should take 10 seconds is costing me hours. I have the latest version.

Use the viewer zoom control.


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Very good. Thanks. I tried that the first time around and it didn’t work but now it does!

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