Combining filters - windows on screen

I am used to using size / position / rotate (SPR) filter but I am struggling with getting what I want. It’s about finding the combination I need.

I have 4 tracks and audio which are in sync. I am using the SPR filter to “switch” between them. This is approaching the limits on my computer!

I have set up custom presets for SPR filter, with 4 quarters, 3 thirds etc. 1/2&2 1/4s. (All with an outer video border).

I want to keep the “window size” fixed but have the video “cropped/zoomed to fit”.
In this example the top window is distorted.

If the aspect ratio matches the source, it works ok, but I also want to crop out the occasional body part that gets into shop. (Mainly my shiny head).

I also need to zoom to one character.

Any suggestions?

I must have been dreaming.

Woke up and the answer came to me.
I need my existing custom SPR filters and a matching set of cuatom masking filters.

Where I can use the original without cropping just use the SPR filter.
If I need to crop or zoom then first use a SPR filter then a mask.

Next job is to create the custom mask filters.

I will do a tutorial assuming I get it to work.

Sur V1 mettez votre image ou vidéo du fond.
Sur V2 mettez votre sujet N°1.
Mettez un filtre SPR mais sans rien régler
Mettez ensuite un filtre Crop: Rectangle (ou un Mask: Simple shape)
Réglez sa position et ses dimensions à l’endroit ou vous souhaitez faire apparaitre votre sujet
Réglez la couleur de fond sur transparent
Revenez ensuite sur le filtre SPR pour déplacer et ajuster l’image du sujet dans le cadre créé
Sur V3 mettez votre sujet N°2 et répétez les mêmes actions que pour le sujet N°1


On V1 put your background image or video.

On V2 put your subject N°1.
Put an SPR filter but without adjusting anything.
Then set a Crop: Rectangle filter (or a Mask: Simple shape)
Adjust its position and dimensions where you want your subject to appear.
Set the background color to transparent
Then go back to the SPR filter to move and adjust the subject image in the created frame.

On V3 put your subject N°2 and repeat the same actions as for the subject N°1.

[EDIT] Sorry, when I started my answer, I didn’t see that you had found the solution.

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Thanks for your suggestion, it helped point me in the right direction.
Unfortunately I don’t think using the mask simple shape filter will work.

  1. Combining the filters means one acts on the other rather than both acting on the original video / screen. (I also tried Mask:Apply)
  2. The sizes and positions are relative / use a percentage sizing based on the centre. (My custom SPR filters used a percentage that gets changed to real numbers when applied).

Use mask from File (custom file)
The “window” on the screen is now fixed and I can move and resize the part of the image seen using the SPR filter.

I created the mask using my custom SPR filter and File Export Frame.

In Mask from file I can save a preset that uses the custom mask file.

So I have a set of Preset SPRs.
I am going to use these to create a set of mask files to use with custom mask from file.
I am going to create a set of Presets in mask from files which reference these mask files.

My workflow for each clip will then be:

  • insert SPR and approximately size to desired area of screen.
  • insert Mask From File and select my preset
  • adjust the SPR to get the required view.

Once I have got the current project completed I will create a tutorial / share my presets.

Ideally - being able to “lock” a mask to the screen area so that it stays fixed while you adjust the underlying clip with a SPR filter would work better.

Mask Files Created:

Voici la méthode qui fonctionne très bien chez moi.
Image de départ sur piste V2

This is the method that works very well for me.
Start image on track V2

Application du filtre Mask: Simple shape
Application of the Mask filter: Simple shape

Retour et réglages du filtre SPR
Return and settings of the SPR filter

Ici le dossier complet
Here the complete folder
Cadrage avec (14.5 KB)

Thanks for this.
I completed my editing today using mask from file and saved presets. It worked fine.

Yes you are correct that having positioned the mask filter, its possible to resize and adjust the image using the SPR filter. It works as expected.

My problem was that the size and co-ordinates for this mask filter were not easy to work out.
I have now determined that the Horizontal and Vertical relate to the centre of the mask shape and Width and Height to the mask “radius”.
For example - setting all 4 numbers to 50% fills the screen.

I agree with you, using this filter will be easier, however I will need to sit down with a calculator and create a set of presets. (I have now created a preset for each corner).

To get a rectangle in the bottom right corner needs this:

Je suis d’accord, c’est pour cela que dans mon premier post j’ai mentionné le filtre Crop: Rectangle. Il fonctionne de la même manière et il a l’avantage d’avoir un VUI ainsi que les coordonnées en pixels. En revanche il n’a pas le paramètre rotation.
Voici la copie d’écran avec Crop: Rectangle pour positionner l’image dans le quart inférieur droit

I agree, that’s why in my first post I mentioned the Crop: Rectangle filter. It works the same way and it has the advantage of having a VUI as well as the coordinates in pixels. On the other hand it doesn’t have the rotation parameter.
Here is the screenshot with Crop: Rectangle to position the image in the lower right quarter

Here is the finished item - not perfect as I had a deadline.

It was my first multi cam edit.
Once I had the preset filters setup editing went smoothly.

Next time I will be using the mask shape filters as you suggested as that is going to be easier.

I appreciate your help as it lead me to a usable solution.
Thank you.


Bravo, après avoir vu votre vidéo, je n’ai plus rien à vous apprendre :pray:

Congratulations, after seeing your video, I have nothing more to teach you. :pray:

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