Crop edge of each picture or video

Hello, I’ve really searched a lot, watched a lot of videos, but I still don’t understand how to crop the frames so that the format of the video is the same as each picture?
I have a lot of small videos downloaded from the site (webp) however I need to convert them to gif :slight_smile:

  1. How can the video mode automatically adjust to the picture
  2. Is it possible to automate this process for a group of files? (I know it’s possible if they have the same size)
  3. I am not a beginner and have done a lot of things in shotcut, but it’s a bit hard to understand, how do I replace the black background with a transparent one?

Set the Video Mode to automatic

This is not possible in Shotcut

Shotcut does not support transparent GIF. Maybe some workaround ideas here:

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