Create "Helpful" button

When multiple responses have be made to a question it’s often the case that more than one of them can be regarded helpful. So I suggest creating a button by that name which can be used to supplement the one used as “Solution”.

I wanted to do that in this thread since I considered Steve’s input to be very helpful as well, but there’s no means of doing that other than by using the pink button.

Click the … overflow menu and there is a checkmark button to indicate something is solved. This only works when the post is put into a category where “solved” action is permitted (not this one). We do not modify the forum software to add custom buttons.

Yes, I’m already aware of that, but it doesn’t address what I’m referring to. There are times when several users will offer suggestions on how to fix a particular problem and each of them may be of equal value. But with just one option available to mark it as solved, the OP is forced to disregard those other users even though their advice was helpful.

Appreciate the thought, but a ‘Thanks also to…’ in a post should be enough. Is for me :slight_smile:

Just use the Like (heart) button then. Again, I do not make the forum software.