Only one transition option now. Why?

The current version 17.08 seems to be missing quite a number of menus such as transition options for example. In the video tutorial for Transitions and Cross Fades a menu pops up when a transition is clicked with a large number of effects available. These seem to have been omitted completely in the latest build.

Does anyone know which version they belong to because I’d like to uninstall the current version and install an older one which includes the missing options.

Also, does anyone know how to add a filter to fade out a video at the end of a clip without it affecting other transitions which have been set in the middle. In that respect my test video comprises of three clips merged together with transitions between the first two sections. I’m trying to avoid the video ending abruptly.

Yep, they’re missing from the current version :smiley:

Say what? I have had some trouble getting the transition properties page to display but clicking on the adjacent clips, in turn, and then clicking again on the default dissolve transition will eventually show the transition properties. Be sure Properties is selected and not filters - easy to overlook for some reason. Running 17.08.01

To add video fade select the clip and then select Filters. Pick the Fade Out Video. Then, pressing the F5 key will show the fade area on the clip. Once again I had to select a different clip first and then when I selected the original clip the fade appeared. Hope that made sense to you.


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My mistake, I rarely use transitions other than the default cross-fade/dissolve.
To access the other transitions, select the cross-fade region then press the ‘Properties’ tab.

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I looked at this situation again and I think the problem is when the transition area on the Timeline is selected - then, most often the Filters window is open and, although it says in smaller print “Filters” it also says in much bigger print “Transition.” Selecting Plus at that point only brings up the filters list. It is a bit confusing.


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The default cross-fade isn’t a Filter, neither does the Filters list show anything when a cross-fade/dissolve is used. The filter panel being open may only be a result of previously using filters for some other task, but it’s not directly related to transitions.
You must select the Properties tab which shows the cross-fade/dissolve controls and of course the other available transitions (as show above)

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Magic! I created a short video and uploaded it to my channel on Youtube:

The object of the exercise here is to demonstrate that the removal of the Youtube video editor which is due to take place on September 20 needn’t be the disaster that everyone was thinking it would be and Shotgun represents the ideal replacement.

Damn. I just played the video I uploaded the YT and noticed that the second transition has reverted to default. I don’t know if that’s due to the YT conversion process or not, but on the orginal file both transitions are the same.

It’s not such a big deal since having two different transitions can also serve to illustrate the other possibilities.

Anyway, thanks once again to Ken and Steve for their input. I can’t seem to mark more than one response as “Solution”, so maybe the forum Admin can consider creating a second button called “Helpful” which I would have applied to Steve’s input in this particular case.

Say what? Selecting “Properties” shows the parameters used to set up the timeline - has nothing to do with the filters.

You are incorrect.
You need to select the properties tab of the TRANSITION in order to select the OTHER TRANSITIONS.

I recommend that you read the whole thread, then you would have seen this illustrated above,

Glad to be able to keep you busy!

Try using stabilization filter :slight_smile:

That is a good point, and people need to pay attention to that. However, it is possible to apply filters to transitions, which is why this happens. You can add filters to just about anything.