Crashing when opening (a rather large number of) video files

Shotcut is crashing whenever I’m trying to open some 101 video files to work on. It just stops working. I’ve never had problem working with 50-60 files before. I’m on Windows 10, btw. Any help?
Here is the application log.

101 at one time (multiple open or drag-n-drop multiple) or in total? If at one time, you can try using less.

Both cause problem. I tried opening 50 or so at a time. Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t. Also, opening in batches isn’t really an option, because reopening the .mlt will cause crash afterwards.

OK, I have not run into this yet.

Is there anything to try? It isn’t caused by some naughty file, as the same 50 files open sometimes.

Only thing I can think of is that if you are using both playlist and timeline, remove the playlist items. There is no linkage between playlist clips and timeline clips. Next version, currently in beta, even lets you drag files directly to the timeline.

For what it’s worth, because I am on macOS currently and working with what I have that system, I was able to drag 752 PNG images all at once to the playlist and then to the timeline without a problem.

Is it possible to open multiple files without adding them to playlist? Otherwise, I’ll have to open all of those one by one to timeline.

I’m working with H.264 MOV files.

I guess I’ll give the beta a shot.

Yes, by dragging from Explorer directly to the timeline in the current beta:

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The beta works flawlessly. Thanks.

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