Crashing on Mac

With 8 plus video tracks, with effects on each track, ShotCut unexpectedly crashes. Im using the latest Mac version. Trying to make some effects heavy dance videos. Appreciate the help!


Maybe you could give more infos about the files formats…
If not, no chance for anyone to help you.

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Since this is very vague, all that’s assumed is that you’re doing heavy work on some version of OSX. You could be on anything from an old laptop to a new expensive iMac. However surely you must know that if you are doing a large amount of work and processing within any application on hardware that has difficulty handling it all then you’re bound to run into issues and crashes.

Keep in mind this is all pretty subjective, but despite that there is some guaranteed uncertainty that simply cannot be helped. It is the nature of the relationship between any hardware and software, not exclusive to Shotcut.

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I’ll add that you could cut the “work” in pieces doing a part, exporting lossless, retake the outputs and join it again.

Seriously 8 tracks???

This isn’t a constructive comment

You’re speaking about mine?

The last part was just about surprise or curiosity. I don’t understand the point of having 8 tracks or the modification that would need 8 tracks.
Except 8 PIP vidéos maybe.