Crashing after v18.07 Update

I rarely had a problem with crashing before the newest update but I have crashed about 10 times today alone.
Does anyone know anything or had the same problem?

Is it with old mlt files?

I went to the site and updated everything from there and selected the option of removing old files

That’s not what Keno40 was referring to.
MLT files are your Shotcut ‘project’ files.
If you are opening old project files where your project include several filters etc, then the versions since Keyframes were introduced might be troublesome as several things have changed.

If SC is crashing with new projects, then you need to provide more details.
All you have told us is that it’s crashing, as we don’t have crystal balls or can read minds, please - tell us everything you can about your OS, Computer Specs, source file type and properties, edit and export settings.

The more information you can provide the better. Here is a guide to what we need to know: Requesting Support

We may have the same program version, but our computers and files we work with are different, and this is why we need specifics.

Shotcut version is 18.07.02

and the MLT files are new ones. Im running windows 10 on a pretty cheap and not so wonderful but new computer but didn’t have any problems up until now or havnt changed any of the settings myself. I havnt tried any exporting with the new version yet and I was getting all of my crashes when adding a new clip to the timeline or removing a fairly large section of a clip.