Crashes Occur Often And Easily With Drag Handles

Hi, there.

I joined the forum here because I wanted to report a constant crash that I have been experiencing regarding the circular drag handles
that appear when either using the fade in and fade out filter or for simple keyframes. I read on the forums that a new update is coming on the first of August so I hope the developers can read this and get to fix it before then. If not, I hope that the update can be delayed for a day or so that this can be taken care of. I do enjoy using Shotcut but this bug is really getting annoying.

I was getting crashes very easily while trying out the simple keyframes by just sliding the drag handles back and forth and thought
that maybe it had something to do with the simple keyframes feature itself but then I experienced crashes using the drag handles for the fade in and fade out filters. I’ve done some tests with the advanced keyframes and so far haven’t experienced crashes like these so it seems that the issues has to do with the drag handles themselves regardless if they are being used for fades or simple keyframes.

The crashes are caused by simply moving the drag handles at length back and forth and sometimes just moving it forward will be enough. They are so buggy that they are very delicate. I have had crashes by doing this with file types of all kinds and sizes so it wasn’t limited to one kind of media.

I made a video that shows the different kinds of crashes that I get by using the drag handles using two different types of media. One video and one picture. I did different demonstrations such as doing both the fade in and fade out filters, simple keyframes and also simple keyframes with settings applied. I wanted to be as thorough as I can so that’s why there are several attempts shown in the demo with both pieces of media.

Bug Video

I am not sure if the drag handles are intended to be moved very slowly but I don’t think speed should matter. As you can see in the demo, it crashes way too easily by just moving them around and doing nothing else.

Like I said, I get this no matter the media but just as a point of reference, the video and picture that I used for the demo here are:

Video:(Youtube video named “The Beauty of the Nature”)


The Shotcut version I am using is 18.07.02 and settings I have:

GPU Effects: Off
Video Mode: Automatic
Display Method: DirectX

And here are my system specs:

Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: Intl® Core™ i7-6800K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 64.0 GB
Available Physical Memory (RAM): 49 GB

Could not reproduce any of the crashes that you display in your video.

Been using shortcut 18.07.02 since the day it was released. Haven’t had any issues with the simple keyframes drag handles or with fade-in fade-out drag handles.

Try setting the display method to to Automatic.

I switched the Display Method to Automatic and tested it out but it didn’t make a difference. It kept crashing just the same.

You could try uninstalling and re-installing and check the option to clear registry settings. If that doesn’t work then Shotcut might not be compatible with your system.

It seems anything greater than 2 seconds crashes for me.
My editing style, I’m always within 1 second, so it never crashed for me.

If it’s something longer than 2 seconds, why not just use the Opacity filter?

Adjust in the duration if you want anything longer than 2 seconds.

Well, as you yourself noted the program crashes with the drag handles. That shouldn’t be happening at all if the drag handles exist as an option to use. Also, as I said in my OP and show in the video, this bug is not limited to just the fade in/out feature but occurs with any other feature that offers the drag handles such as Simple Keyframes. So the issue is with the drag handles themselves and thus it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Using Shotcut the way you want to, yes I can clearly see it crashes. I was attempting to offer you a solution to get your editing done.

I believe I just fixed this for the next release v18.08. I was able to more easily reproduce it using fade on the Timeline, but considering the nature of the bug I found, it makes sense that simple keyframes is also affected. Thanks

Thanks a lot, shotcut, for taking care of this for the August build. It plays so much better now which is a relief. I will say though that once in a while the program will still crash in simple Keyframes if I take the drag handle from the right and take it to the left and cross the the left drag handle. It doesn’t always happen so I don’t know what the actions were that will trigger the bug to crash it but maybe you can see if there is still some tinkering left to clean up in that area.

One other thing I noticed is that if I take the drag handles and drag it all the way to the other side then the drag handles disappear and I can’t pull it back. Is there a way that it can be programmed so that no matter how deep to the other side’s corner you take the drag handle if you hover the mouse over to corner the drag handle will still appear so that it can be pulled back?

Once again, thanks!

So I was testing the fixes made to this issue in the latest build and noticed that while the drag handles are now prevented from going past the point of being able to select them again, this is missed when dealing with the right drag handle when dealing with Fade Out. If I am working in Fade Out, the right drag handle can still be dragged all the way to the left past the point of being able to retrieve it.

This was recently fixed for the next version 18.10 when fixing (2) and (3) here:

There were little changes and improvements made to the simple keyframe controls that were then applied to the timeline fade controls for consistent behavior.