Crash when detaching audio


I am new to Shotcut and gave it a try yesterday. Basically like it but I had several crashes when detaching the audio part form the second clip added to the timeline. The crash is reproducible and it is irrelevant which clips I use. As soon as there are two clips in the time line, detaching audio from more than one clip will result in a reliable crash.

Any ideas?

MAC OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan), i5 with 2.5 GHz and 12 GB RAM, Shotcut 18.6.2, all other programs closed.

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What do you mean by ‘detaching audio’ ?
Audio stream can’t be removed, only muted.

EDIT: My mistake.
I wasn’t using the latest version.
I just tried, no crash.

You should grab a log and post here so as the devs can inverstigate

(ShotCut 18.06.02/Win64/GPU effects disabled)

Also had this crash several times, couldn’t post (newbie post limit, yay)

Log file also attached.

shotcut-log.txt (22.8 KB)

Please, any known fix for this would be more than welcome. I’ve had this several times and am experiencing it right now. I want to move an audio clip onto A1 from the play list but as soon as I pull it down there, there is a red circle with red line through it.

That’s possibly a different issue. I think I saw multiple Topics on this, but here’s one:

Which also links to this Issue in the source code repository:

If restarting Shotcut (save to a backup file first) doesn’t fix it, try using the suggested other methods of adding clips to a timeline; “Paste, Append, Insert, and Overwrite.”. Append is the big plus sign in the timeline editor, paste is the clipboard. Select your audio track, select the clip in e.g. the playlist, then try one of those buttons.

If you do this often (Detach Audio), consider instead putting the video clip on a new video track, then remove its video source. Select the clip on the timeline, then go to the Properties tab. Make sure the Video subtab is selected (just under Comments, Speed, Duration), and where it reads Track “1: ###x### h264”, for example, click that and change it to “None”. That will make that clip effectively invisible, but will keep the audio track. Steve_Ledger’s advice below :slight_smile:

Far easier just to put the video clip on a new ‘Audio’ track, this gives you the audio only.

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Okay, thanks. I was hoping we got this bug out, but at least restarting does seem to work, albeit a bit awkward.

I just fixed it for the next release due July 2.

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