Bug report, drag and dropping video into the timeline, randomly stops working

Hi Shotcut Team,

I’m Riven from Randomised Gaming a gaming blog & YT channel and I’m a long term user of Shotcut for some years now, but just never got around to signing up to the forum before. Over the past few years I’ve edited together a number of videos using Shotcut. For a free edit it has become a great tool and I hope to see more features and options included in the future, keep up the great work

There’s a few bugs I found over the years that I should have flagged with you being an experienced video games QA tester. However most issues I’ve found seem to have been fixed in time.

However one issue that I’ve found that I should flag is a random drop and drag issue, that’s been in for some time now and I can’t track down the cause 100%. I wonder if this maybe in part linked to the auto save or some form of memory leak.

I’m on Windows 7 64bit O/S, 32 GB RAM, Intel i7-4770 CPU

The issue is after prolonged use of Shotcut on the same video or if you are loading a large video 30 minutes plus or one using a lot of effects and filters. The timeline will sometimes not accept or load video files into it via drag and drop, either directly or via preview. When you drag it into the timeline the video clip has a red stop circle appear on it. Once this issue occurs the only fix I found was to save your file, close Shotcut then reopen it and the issue goes away. What is clear to me is the longer the file and the more effects on the video the more chance this bug has of occurring.

Now I’ve captured a video and hopefully the YouTube embed option will work so it appears in my post:
https://youtu.be/Qx3i9QowQCo (doesn’t appear to want to embed this one might be because it is unlisted on the channel)

The above example occurred during the editing of this 50 minute video:

Another video I had it occur while editing was this one which is only 16 minutes long, but used a lot of effects, like splitscreen, audio fades, etc…

So far I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue 100% everytime, but during editing of large or more complex videos it has always occurred. If you need any more information on this issue please let me know.

Just a quick FYI, but I’m still seeing this issue in recent builds, I realise it’s not a major bug, but do you have an ETA for when you might be able to do a fix?

This issue is being tracked here: https://github.com/mltframework/shotcut/issues/326
No, ETA, but an upgrade for Qt that might have an impact is planned around middle of 2018.

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