Craching too often?

I’ve just installed ShotCut as a replacement for MovieMaker and It seems as a step UP and easy to “goto”, but eventhough I’m fooling around maybe too much I brakes down a little too often, I think !

Luckily I could recover the project at next startup - but is craching an issue with ShotCut ?

No. :slight_smile:
I work whole the day(s) with Shotcut, and the last crash… :thinking::man_shrugging:
(Like under Windows (7), also under Linux Mint 18.1.)

Best regards

Maybe if you dom’t know exactly what you’re doing - and I don’t - maybe it’s an issue !

I’ve used it for 2-3 hours and I’ve had 3 crashes = it just disappeares from the screen and I have to start it up again

BUT next level is DaVinciand it’s NOT as much “goto” as ShotCut - so I’ll try more to get it going

What are your machine specifications? Too little RAM will cause crashes.


On windows experiment with Settings > Display Method

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