Copy Filters to several Clips in Playlist?

I’ve just read

Added … Creation date … .to Text: Simple video filter.

I have a playlist-only project with over 900 clips and would like to use that filter.

I have seen Pasting Filters to Multiple Videos, but the proposed solutions are only for timeline projects.

Is there a way to copy the filter to all clips at once?

If I understand you correctly, then no (you can’t do that in the playlist).

What you CAN do is place all the clips you want that filter applied to on the same track, then apply the filter to the track (not any individual clip). Bare in mind, any clip placed on that track will inherit the filter.

This is only if I have a project with a timeline. For a one-time action okay as workaround, but not for frequent times.

I would like to have a proper solution since I often add several clips and I would like to have in all of the clips the creation date in the bottom right corner.

AFAIK if you need filters applied, then it is either the timeline or drag to source and apply them there. But that doesn’t help.

Since you don’t want one large file with all the dates, this can probably be scripted with python using ffmpeg and a text overlay. Given the number of videos you have, imo that is the best solution.

I will let @shotcut and/or @brian comment on the addition of this as a feature, but I don’t think it is likely given how Shotcut works. Lucky for you I’m occasionally mistaken, and this could well be one of those times.

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Take into account the possibility of using a Python script, in this case it is probably the best option available. Especially considering the number of all the videos you have, decide to use the test overlay and ffmpeg.

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