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Hi I am having trouble figuring out how to copy a video clip that is in a track and pasting it into the same track in a different location or in a different track. I found the copy option but cannot find paste or insert. Also is there way to get clips to snap together. What I mean is I will put several clips in one track and have to spend time lining them up so there is no space between them. I can’t seem to find a way to make them snap end to end.

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Hi @jpeternel
Check out this tutorial. I think it will answer most, if not all your questions and more.


The 3 tools highlighted in the image below are: “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste”.

  • Highlight the clip;
  • Press “Copy” icon;
  • Move the playhead to where you want the copy of the clip to go;
  • Press “Paste” icon.

For “snapping” make sure the “snapping tool”, the “Magnet” is selected.

These are basic tools, so I would also recommend watching the tutorial pointed to by @MusicalBox

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Thanks guys very helpful. I am so used to using right click to get menus in all the apps I use that it is just hard wired into me now. What threw me was that with right click I can copy but not paste which is odd. I’ll check out those vids. I did watch some a while back when I first started using the app but have forgotten it.

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