Converted video lacks several seconds which appear freezed

Good evening, I encountered a bothering problem while using Shotcut.

I wanted to convert a 25 fps .TS video to the .AVI format (at 25 fps too), as I often do.

I convert the video, and when I play it (using either VLC or Windows Media Player), I get a bad surprise: the first seven seconds of the converted video are freezed on the frame 00:00:07:01. Imagine that, until 00:00:07:01, all the video frames are similar to the frame located at 00:00:07:01.

This is not the case in the original .TS file. In this original file, the seven aforementioned seconds play correctly.

What happened, and how to fix this?

Thank you very much.

If needed, here is a link to the log of the conversion:!Aqj8xLelv2FRgmZAxZy2ndRyFB0J