Contour ShuttleXpress Preset

I have been using the Contour ShuttleXpress for over a year now and have perfected my configuration. Since the shotcut website only has a preset for the Shuttle Pro I will post my configuration here.
The ShuttleXpress only has five buttons, a jog dial, and a spring loaded wheel.
Here is an image of my configuration:

If you want to use this preset download the below file and import it into Contour Shuttle Configuration App.
Google Drive


Thank you! I am waiting for my Xpress to arrive, any day now. Are you in Win or Linux? I’m assuming you really enjoy the Xpress…

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I am using windows 11. I really like it, it makes everything faster because instead of finding the keys on a keyboard you just press a button without even looking down. It is also great for scrubbing because of the dial.

Thanks for that. Nothing like a firsthand review.

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UPDATE: I have changed the right-bottom button that previously activated REDO to trigger the M key to toggle snapping. I find it useful for when I go from aligning video footage to laying down sound effects where I don’t want to snap to anything.