Consolidate / Backup Project With Media

Hello there
I am a new user to ShotCut because I just left from Windows for Linux.
Where can I backup the project to offline media when it is finished?
All my media are sorted like this on the NAS server


I pick and choose media from these locations and change them depending on what fits my media.
When the project is finished I need to save the complete project with the media files I have used to later get it back easy to edit if needed.

The function I am looking for might be named something else but it should just copy all media files in the project and the project file to a folder. thats it.

Hope to hear from you


Shotcut does not manage media. This is a task for the user to do as they see fit.

The TL;DR is that Shotcut embeds relative paths in the .mlt project file if media is in the same folder as the .mlt file, or a subfolder. If the media is on a separate mount point or higher-level folder, an absolute path is used.

The ideal method is to copy all media into the .mlt file’s folder first, then bring the media into the Shotcut project so relative paths are used. Then the .mlt folder can be moved/copied to any other location (such as an archive) with no additional changes needed. The project should load fine from the archive location thanks to the relative paths in the .mlt file and localized media.

More info:

Thank you very much then I just adjust my workflow :slight_smile:
Relative links was smart!


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