Confused on why My video Is failing

I have a video ready to go but when I go to export and I try to export to Youtube it fails in the Jobs section at 0:13:10 Is there something wrong with my footage? I uploaded the raw clip to youtube and It worked fine. I am really confused could someone help me?

Shotcut doesn’t upload your file to YouTube.
There is a YouTube Export Preset.
This is designed to work great for YouTube.

You have given us very little information. Perhaps a few more details could help the diagnosis.

What format are your input, project, and output?

Do you have sufficient disk space?


Job Log.txt (55.5 KB) Could this help?, I’m really bad at this kind of stuff.

I’m also sure that I have enough disk space

The log says “Failed with exit code -1073741819” You can read all the others reporting it and replies made:

I want to thank you all for trying to help but nothing seems to be working. I’ve been trying for the last 3 hours but to no different results. There is also no parallel property but I’m not sure where I can change the bitrate.

You are running the 32-bit version and running out of memory. 32-bit is very limited. You can only make simple HD 720p or less with it.

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