Computer mouse actions - Overlay images and animations

I needed images and animations to simulates a computer mouse actions.
I didn’t find quite what I wanted on the net, so I made them myself with Inkscape.
Those of you who create video tutorial might find these files useful. - Icedrive (UPDATED VERSION)

The ZIP contains:

Four .png images with transparent background :
   Mouse unused, left-click, right-click, wheel-click.

Two .mov clips with transparency (no need to use a Chroma Key filter)
   Mouse wheel turning forward, mouse wheel turning backwards



Thanks for this. I’ve always wanted to learn inkscape but the interface is so weird

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The interface changed considerably with the latest version (1.1). It has taken me a while to get used to it. Inkscape itself is a really cool utility and there are lots of tutorials out there to get up to speed.

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Thanks for this. I’ve downloaded the files and may use them on a short project I’m working, or I may use the idea for the basis of part of the project.

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Thank you for these really useful resources. :star_struck:
Maybe I can use them in a tutorial (if I can convince my son to do the voice-over).


That’s the same for me. (Instead, I do voice-overs myself)

I notice my voiceovers are really not good :worried:.
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@Helion, @Elusien, @ejmillan, @Ar_D

Thank you all for the comments.

Please note that I have updated the files.
The scroll-wheel looks a bit more realistic now.

I have found the tutorials from Logos by Nick to be very good - he has them for Inkscape and Gimp (and maybe other programs as well). No affiliation, etc.

Yes I too find these a good resource for Inkscape.

Hi @musicalbox - I’m coming in late to this thread. Must try harder to keep up these days… :wink:
These are very useful resources. Thanks a million!!

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A million!!? No wonder you don’t have more time for the forum :stuck_out_tongue:
I estimate it would take around 65 days to say Thanks one million times

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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:grin: :grin: :grin:

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